When in doubt, wear blue..


Some days I wake up with a clear mindset of what I would like to wear for my shoot, and some days I just wake up, find out it’s a good sunny day out and dress up in glee! This was definitely the latter. A simple blue blazer, one of my favorites paired with blue shorts and of course a white satin blouse to make it all look fun.

This part of my day, this very part, where I decide what I wear with what, how and make it a complete look by the end of it is my favorite. If you follow my blog or instagram, you will see me experimenting part of this outfit in another fun way. Also, it’s really cool to match your outfit at times, although for the most part I steer away from it.

Another of my post constants, are the accessories. In here, specially my black clutch. A black clutch with gold studded pieces works great with the outfit for a perfect business casual evening look. For everyone who knows me closely, know I adore quaint antique jewelry. Sporting here are some of my favorites.


You can never go wrong with your light blue manicures in summer, right?! Tried some of that as well. Something that pops out in summer, yet very elegant not to scream at your face with that splash of blue.

Linking my outfits below, if I caught your interest so far:

Blue Blazer // Satin Blouse // Blue Shorts //Accessories

That is all for this blog, see you soon on another one, if you decide to stick around! 🙂


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