A Brunch affair in NYC!


Well, if I have not mentioned this already, I am more a brunch-person than a late-night-party-person. I love exploring new finds in every nook and corner to feed into my constant goal of finding best coffees and brunches. This little place in Soho, NYC came close to being my favorite. Situated in a little alley, making it hard to spot and makes its way around the buzz of soho, to give its customers a cozy and classy feel to Sunday brunches. You are greeted by rustic interiors all the way that keeps its originality while making your time there equally enjoyable.


On this perfect weather day, I paired a cute cutout maxi dress, with a bomber jacket and gladiator sandals. I like how the pattern on the dress complements the gladiators so well. To complete the look, I accessorized with vintage statement earrings and a few of my favorite rings seen on my fingers. Hope you like this ensemble.




Linking my outfit deets below, with some that are similar from the same brands since the one I have on are sold out.

Maxi Dress // Gladiators //Accessories

Picture Credits: Chetan Kabbur

Location: Freeman’s, Soho, NYC


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