My little journal of Maine

Maine is a beautiful destination for a vacation whose idea of vacation resonates with being close to nature. Living amidst the city life, it feels great to take a few days off to unplug yourself from all the hustle bustle of a city life.  I usually prefer visiting places when weather isn’t very harsh. The few days I spent in Maine were mainly centered around Acadia National Park this Summer.

They say you never know someone’s journey until you walk in their shoes. I believe you never really know a place until you ditch the luxury of any easier commute, and  walk the place yourself. Setting into the mood, got in a really fun hike in the park while there, the Precipice trail. If you are used to uphill hikes with certain elevation gain perspiring along the way, this one’s a fun way to break that hike routine. And No, I am not saying rock scrambling kinda fun, this one’s a typical non strenuous, yet a very challenging one. For anyone with fear of heights, the warning at the beginning of the trail simply put, screams ‘Don’t do it’. I have had my share of phobia with heights but decided against my best judgement to go for it. And girl, was it worth it!




Outfit deets: I have on me an all-Nike outfit [pink] and an all-Under Armour outfit [blue] here. Love the comfort of these active wear when hiking.

On this vacay, coupled the hikes with a beautiful small-town-walk I really enjoyed. Bar Harbor, not only quenches your thirst craving for a peaceful time, also does you good with some great bars, cafes, restaurants all around the town.

Just a little more on the outfit here: We all know how difficult it is to find a perfect fitting jeans. These are Hollister’s mom fit jeans that just stole my heart away with such fab fit. Jeans, specially anything besides a skinny/straight cut is relatively harder to find because of the fit. These however are great. I have complimented the jeans with a shirted crop top from forever 21. The classic yet chic bamboo bag, when I bought them a couple months ago from Poshmark were quite expensive, since not a lot of retailers sold them back then. However, you can now find them everywhere. Linking the one from Amazon with rave reviews and reasonably priced.







Outfit deets below: [I have linked similar styles for the top since the one in pictures is sold out].

Top // Jeans // Bamboo HandBag // Glasses // Sandals

Behind the lens: Chetan Kabbur

Hope you like this post, leave your comments below if you did. 🙂

See you all on my next one soon.


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